fucoidan vs seanol

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By AVACar - 8/12/2011 8:39:08 AM


I am currently trying a seanol based supplement.  Difficult to be certain but it seems from reading the above article that LEFs fucoidan supplement is similar in the claimed benefits to seanol's claimed benefits....neither of which are insubstantial.

If so...the LEF supplement might be a better deal...pricewise...if recommended dosages are similar in effectiveness. 

Do think that most seanol supplements available in the US are based on seanol-F...though the full strength seanol-P might be available on one site.

I find it hard to get dependable info on the real world effects of various supplements...so in the end...best bet is to just try them...after doing some research?

Seanol or fucoidan are worth trying....IMO.  Seems pretty effective...so far.

Since I can't post links outside of LEF...you'll need to do your own research.

By DDye - 8/12/2011 9:47:39 AM
You can link to the studies in Pubmed.
By LouD - 8/12/2011 10:31:42 AM
"Seems pretty effective...so far."

How so, AVAcar? What exactly are you taking it for, and what results are you getting?