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Pure Plant Protein compared to Enhanced Life Extension Protein. Use...

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Here are links to the products in question. 

Pure Plant Protein

Enhanced Life Extension Protein

Which one is best or do both have their own benefits that would be complementary if taken in conjunction? 

Can anyone with the scientific know-how explain the benefits or drawbacks of either/both? 
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 Posted 4/14/2013 4:03:02 PM
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There have been no side by side clinical trials comparing their benefits with the exception of those which evaluated satiety: and

This one which used rats suggests a stronger antihypertensive effect for pea protein via ACE inhibition: and this one suggests a stronger benefit for whey.

Some people use whey because studies have shown a number of benefits.  See

Yet similiar benefits may be associated with the plant protein product.  See :
"This supplement contains a proprietary blend of pea, rice, and artichoke proteins and mixes with water to make an instant low-fat, cholesterol-free drink with a biological value and digestibility score equal to whey and egg protein."

A new proprietary plant protein product enriched with branched-chain amino acids and glutamine has a perfect PDCAAS (protein digestibility corrected amino acid score) of 1.0 (100%), which is equal to the PDCAAS of whey and egg."

"A recent study found that compared to consuming 15 grams whey or milk protein (casein), ingesting 15 grams pea protein provided greater postprandial (after-meal) satiety."

"Pea protein contains more glutamine than whey or egg protein, with comparable BCAA values to whey, egg, and casein."

"Although numerous studies have established the value of consuming whey protein to boost tissue levels of the antioxidant glutathione, research scientists very recently discovered that compared to glutathione, pea protein hydrolysate exhibited a significantly higher ability to inhibit fatty acid oxidation and to chelate free radical-causing metals."

Many people make their selection based on a preference for non-animal products such as pea protein.

D Dye


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