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Fatty Dairy Linked to Early Cancer Death

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 Posted 3/17/2013 1:15:03 PM


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Just received this link to the article,  Fatty Dairy Linked to Early Cancer Death

Problem is the study does not seem to clarify a few questions: Did they differentiate between homogenized milk and unhomogenized milk or between raw milk and pasteurized milk and more importantly between milk from cows treated with growth hormones and those not treated with growth hormones and then of course those receiving antibiotics &/or whatever else and those not receiving the same. Those grass fed and those grain fed.  I mean what kind of science is this if it doesn't give a complete picture and answer ALL the questions so as to determine why the results may have turned out the way they did?

If the hormone estrogen is higher in the milkfat and therefore lower in lowfat and skim milk per what the study says then my question would be what about other hormones such as the bovine growth hormone often injected into the cows of most factory farms? Could that also be more concentrated in the fat part of the milk?

Personally, being in favor of a high-fat low-carb diet I would not touch skim or lowfat milk products and view them as less than whole foods.

I find the study does not prove anything other than a possibility exist but without answers to the questions raised I would hesitate to avoid high fat organic milk or raw milk and would view the study as a further reason to avoid pasteurized/homogenized whole milk.
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 Posted 3/18/2013 4:23:50 AM
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Welcome to the Forums, Nevada Smith.

Yes, that is what this study establishes:  an association.  And even associations between the same factors may be different in other studies, and certainly after controlling for diffferent factors.  The full text of the report can be accessed here

One study rarely answers all questions.  However, a study, if properly done, can indicate a direction of research to be pursued.  Since a clinical trial, which is the gold standard in establishing causation, would not be appropriate for this research, other types of studies may be done on the subject.

D Dye

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 Posted 3/18/2013 10:23:28 AM


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"But it can't hurt to alter consumption of higher-fat milk to low-fat or non fat,". Really? Maybe the researchers needs to read this article...

Think Fat-Free Milk is Healthy? 6 Secrets You Don’t Know About Skim:

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