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BHT as a treatment for hepatitis C...

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 Posted 12/6/2012 5:54:03 AM
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I will begin by stating: I am NOT a doctor and cannot be expected to take the place of one. This BHT treatment is approved as a food preservative only. It is NOT an approved treatment for hepatitis C or any other disease.

Having said that: There is a growing number of people who have success with this treatment. There are also some who have NOT responded to this treatment.
   Also we at the BHT CURES GROUP have refined this treatment in important ways. Most importantly we have found out: The BHT treatment does NOT work well with supplements including milk thistle and it`s extracts. Also grapefruit juice makes this treatment NOT work. The only things that seem to work well with this treatment are vitamins in moderate dosages.
   BHT is a reactive compound that can and will interact with many supplements in unpredictable ways in mammals including people.
   I have posted about this before and deleted those postings for various reasons. I will try once again because we have had many success stories. Most recently a member of our group who is a HCV type 1a infectee with a very high viral load count achieved a 72% reduction in that viral load count after 5 months of the BHT treatment at a daily dosage of 350mg of BHT taken twice a day with water on an empty stomach as reported here:



viral load 31,461,000 iu/ml
7.498 log 10 (not sure what this number means).
AST 25 ALT 32.


I stated taking BHT 350mg twice a day


AST 27 ALT 30


Viral load 4,372,770
6.641 log 10

Now someone can argue this person still has a significant HCV infection and they do. But if you check into the success rates for a HCV type 1a infection with what is considered a very high viral load  using the conventional treatments those are impressive numbers. There are members who have achieved a no virus detected result.
   And one member who had failed with the conventional treatments who now tests negative with the HCV anti-bodies test as have I. We are the only two people I am aware of who have ever done that.  To learn more about this you can check into the BHT CURES GROUP here:

Again: No one at this group can take the place of a treating MD. So do NOT expect that from us.   ...Oscar


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