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Positive Health Studies on Vitamin D based on Sunlight or...

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 Posted 11/26/2012 2:36:47 PM


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I keep reading articles about scientific studies showing that certain blood levels of vitamin D are associated with various health benefits.  I also notice that LEF is pounding the tables on that its members achieve certain blood levels of vitamin D through supplementation (if they cant achieve them naturally.)  I do not have the time to scrutinize the vast scientific literature on vitamin D so I was wondering if anyone knows if the majority of these studies that are finding positive health associations w/ specific levels of Vitamin D in people based on vitamin D that is generated naturally (sunlight, food) or from supplementation?  Thanks in advance!
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 Posted 11/26/2012 11:20:16 PM
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If one takes vitamin D with certain foods, like viscous, hydroscopic fiber/carbs, for example, one would absorb hardly any. If one takes too much without a blood test, one can get hypervitaminosis D. Vitamin D is meant by our creator to be absorbed through the skin from sunlight, not in our stomachs. Many don't get enough sun though. I wonder if a 'sun-lamp' would be a better option. 10 min on the face per day would be all that is needed.

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 Posted 11/27/2012 4:39:13 AM
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The conclusions are drawn mainly from studies that examined serum vitamin D levels, which vary according to supplementation as well as sunlight exposure levels.  There are also studies that have correlated sun exposure with disease risk reduction and others that look at dietary intake, which can be from fortified dairy products and/or supplements.

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