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Testosterone Cream - too high dosage?

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 Posted 10/7/2012 12:55:04 PM


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I have been applying a 200 mg transdermal compound cream using 1 mil per day for 6 months. The results of my blood work are shown below: 

Hemoglobin 16.7 (12.6 - 17.7)
Hematocrit 49.1 (37.5 - 50.1)
LH 0.1 (1.7 - 8.6)
FSH 0.2 (1.5 - 12.4)
DHT 163 (30-85)
Testosterone Total 622 (348-1197)
Testosterone Free 17.8 (6.8 -21.5)
Cortisol 17.3 (2.3 -19.4)
Estradol 32.7 (7.6 -42.6)
IGF-1 214 (64 - 210)
PSA 0.5 (0.0-4.0)

I'm no doctor, but to me, while my testosterone hasn't gone up that much, other aspects of my blood have gone up, like my hemooglobin, hemocrit, dht, cortisol, and igf.  I am concerned about these levels, but I'm not sure if these levels warrant concern.

I recently switched doctors because my previous doctor was out of state. My new doctor didn't see any reason for concern and prescribed the same cream as before.  She prescribed a new 3 month dose of 200 mg compound cream using 1 gram per day (4 clicks).  When I ordered it, the pharmacist thought it was quite a large dose @ 20%. He said it is 20x the amount of commercially available products like androgel. He filled the prescription as directed.

I'm not sure if I am taking too much testosterone and if the elevated levels above are problematic.  My testosterone level at the beginning of treatment was 280. My current doctor would like to see levels in the 800's.

Any thoughts or suggestions on what I have described here would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
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 Posted 10/9/2012 10:06:24 AM


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I'm just a patient like you, just sharing my view from my doctor.
- Testosterone level of 800 is pretty high. Mine used to be like yours around 280 and I'm now around 560. I feel much better and no real 'lack' symptoms - so that's enough for me.  My personal suggestion is if you feel good, try to stay where you are.
- My Estradol was a bit on the high side. Doctor said some of the Testosterone was being converted to estrogen. So suggested I take 1) EstroDIM, 2) Calcium D-Glucarate 500mg. If my estradol stayed too high I may start getting breast growth.
I know your question was much larger than that, but hope this stimulates questions to your doctor.
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 Posted 10/10/2012 7:34:35 AM


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Your doctor is probably right about further raising your testosterone in to the optimal range. You might want to ask her about controlling your DHT, which is high, and possibly countering your cortisol with DHEA. Lowering your stress levels can also reduce cortisol.

According to LE men's optimal hormone readings:
Total testosterone 770-1197 ng/dL
Free testosterone 20-25 pg/mL
Estradiol  20-30 pg/mL
DHT 30-50 ng/dL
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 Posted 8/26/2013 11:21:24 AM


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Your levels look pretty good as long as you have no symptoms of hormone deficiency. 

DHT is elevated because you are applying cream to the skin. If you are sensitive to DHT related symptoms, then switch to an injectable. 200 mg/wk of test cypionate. 
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 Posted 8/29/2013 1:18:38 PM


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Hi, I am a female, but I think you are taking the right amount of testosterone, because you want to get as close to 700 as possible, 800 is pushing it.  The estradiol is over 32 and you are converting test into less desireable estradiol and DHT, so you need an inhibitor for best health affects.  Men can't ignore the estradiol levels, very important, most important.  Also are you supplementing and optimizing pregnenolone and dhea?  You can't just pick and choose your hormones, they ALL have to be optimum.

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 Posted 9/9/2013 8:16:23 PM


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Hah, he is still getting answers a year later... but hope he got some arimidex for that Estradiol
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