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Organizing your vitamins and supplements (and medications,if...

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 Posted 6/24/2012 2:47:55 PM


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I am new to the LEF and am interested in how members organize their supplements to make sure they take them at regular and consistent times each day. 

I understand that certain supplements should not be taken together in order to prevent them from diminishing the effect of one of them (I have read iron and calcium should not be taken together as the iron will not be absorbed by the body as well).  Alternately, others are best taken together to aid in absorbtion (iron and Vit C, for example).

So what tool(s) do members use to stay organized? I have been looking at "4 a day,weekly medicine organizers" but am not sure they are my best option. I would like a weeks (at least) worth of supplementation portioned out as it would allow me to also realize I am in need of reordering a good week ahead and allow for shipping time.  I would further prefer to have the ability to pop the days worth in my purse to take to work or when I am out and about. 

Thank you for your input/experience!

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 Posted 6/25/2012 4:40:32 AM


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I staple zip bags together for each day, but then I take quite a few per day and I haven't seen organizers that have enough room. I don't even bother to account for the potential interactions, I do blood tests and if it shows I need more I just add more instead, lol. So far I haven't noticed that the claimed interactions make much of a difference.
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