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Cimetidine (Tagament) and Ranitidine (Zantac) for cancer treatment

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 Posted 6/19/2012 10:39:29 PM
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I was very impressed by the LEF cancer adjunct therapy report on Cimetidine (Tagament). In case anyone is wondering if a stronger, similar, over-the-counter medication like Zantac (Ranitidne) would work better, here is what I found out ...

Ranitidne (Zantac) is almost 10 times more potent and clinically well-tolerated histamine H2 receptor antagonist than Cimetidine (Tagament). For its on-label use, Cimetidine is falling somewhat out of favor for Ranitidne. So this lead me to investigate if perhaps Ranitidne would be a more potent immunomodulator and anticancer therapy.

JA Lawson, et al, [1] noted that Ranitidine had no effect on either basal or histamine stimulated growth of colon cancer cells in vitro or in vivo and no effect on histamine-stimuated cAMP production.

Cimetidine on the other hand inhibited histamine-stimulated colon cancer cells in vitro and in vivo and was able to inhibit cAMP production.

They concluded that Cimetidine's action on cancer cells may be somewhat independent of the classical H2 receptor since it is structurally different.

At least in colon cancer cell lines, Cimetidine appears to still work better even though it is a less potent drug than the former.  This makes me want to believe that perhaps Cimetidine's mode of action on cancer is still somewhat unknown, and even more of a reason to recommend Cimetdine over Ranitidne.


[1] Br J Cancer. 1996 April; 73(7): 872–876.

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 Posted 8/14/2012 2:03:07 AM


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hi tom,

great post, very very interesting.

i have been on off on off cimetidine. Most of my alt doctors up not up to speed with the lef protocols and i pushed it about a year ago. to cut a complex story down, i dropped cimetidine when i read about all the pppi issues. i had low zinc, etc etc etc. the last thing i wanted was reduced stomach acid. I also had thrush.

as my colorectal cancer markers continue to rise very slowly but alas persistently, my alt doc said that lets get back onto cimetidine. the driver for this regime change was my low white blood cells after i did a lymphoctye cd4/cd8 analysis. so apparently cimetidine is good for boosting the immune system.

now i remember from my research cimetidine was supposed to reduce the localised immunosuppression around colorectal tumours in the gi track.

so now i am back on cimetidine, even today my dosage of betaine hci (650mg+pepsin 25mg +gentian 20mg) has been doubled to 2 capsules before my meal and then one creon 40000 lipase40000BP amylase25000BP protesePhEurUnits.

The goal of these acids and enzymes is to ensure any of the negatives of cimetidine are ameliorated and that my tightly controlled vegan 50%raw diet delivers nutrients and protiens into the amino acids into the blood supply as well as enough glucose.

I should checkout the lef forum more often, its a wealth of great information, and i need all the help and suggestions i can get in my life with a few misguided colorectal cancer cells.


Ps the hugs is just my standard signoff every where i post. they are well intended.
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 Posted 8/14/2012 4:18:12 AM
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Welcome to the Forums, Pete.

D Dye
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 Posted 1/9/2013 8:03:10 PM


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  Hi. I found your post interesting too and I wish I wasn't so tired. Maybe I'd have understood it. Help a tired mind out :-D if you will. I could have this totally backwards but are you saying that Zantac could actually be used to fight against colon cancer in that research you mentioned? Ugh, I hate to sound so simple but I am :-D lol If not, straighten me out!

  Now, I will share another interesting note that you might want to check into that I literally learned about within the last couple of days. Hemp Oil. Now, my research on that is completely new so please research it for yourself, but apparently there's this hemp oil from an Indica root that's a cure for cancer. I am amazed and of course, since it's hemp, it's complicated. But, nonetheless, I found the reading so interesting!

  One site was:

Tons of information.

Could you possibly send your reply to my inbox too incase I don't find my way back :-D I'd be notified that you mailed. But, someone close to me has this condition and if it helps, I'd love to tell her about it!
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