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The Wilting Lilly — Sacrificing lives for profits.

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 Posted 11/12/2010 11:18:10 PM
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When Prozac was developed there were many cases of suicide attributed to the drug.  Eli Lilly, the manufacture of the drug vehemently denied the accusations that Prozac caused people to commit suicide.

When the 14-year patent on Prozac was a about to expire, corporate executives pressured Lilly scientists to come up with a new drug.  They did a little bit of tinkering with the molecule(s) and came up with Prozac R.

The ironic and sad thing is that Lilly claimed the new Prozac R doesn't cause the suicidal tendencies associated with the old Prozac—Actually admitting to the very same accusations they denied years before.

A bit too late for those six feet under, don't you agree?

The FDA approved this drug.  Do you trust drug companies? Do you trust the FDA?

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 Posted 11/14/2010 9:53:23 PM
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Hi Tom, I trust neither big pharma nor the FDA. The FDA seems to have devolved into the promoter, legal assistant for big pharma. They appear to also do their best to discourage any and all alternatives to big pharma`s products and to also do every thing they can to insure the largest profits for these corporations. In my opinion this is why BHT is licensed as a food preservative only, for one example of what I am Referring to. Your example of prozac and prozac-R is another. The patent ran out so add a few atoms to the compound, claim it is somehow better and bingo, a new patented drug that solves a problem the drug never had according to Lily. ...Syntax
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