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I was greatly interested in the excerpt from the book titled "Wheat Belly" a couple of months ago.

I recently heard secondary confirmation of this on the gnosticmedia website where Dr. Peter Glidden was interviewed. Here is the URL to the 2nd part of that interview:

I am somewhat surprised by this info, as bread has been a staple food product around the world for millenia. Could the basis for this "poisonous gluten" be due more on the modern grains which have been heavily hybridized and genetically modified than the natural grain itself?

Dr. Glidden (who works closely with Dr. Wallach of "Dead Doctors Don't Lie") says that the long chain proteins from gluten aren't broken down by the stomach and they destroy the intestine's ability to absorb nutrients.

It would probably take a chemist to fully understand it, but what is missing in the stomach that prevents it from being able to break down gluten into smaller chain proteins that can be absorbed in the intestines?

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