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Supplement recommendations for radiation treatment recovery.

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 Posted 4/22/2011 5:25:08 PM


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Hi Everyone,

I had surgery and radiation treatments for H&N cancer last year.  My radiation treatments ended in November 2010.  I am still struggling (almost 6 months later) with low energy levels and minimal salivary production.  I have heard that there are certain supplements that can be helpful to those problems and am looking for specific recommendations.  You input will be greatly appreciated.  

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 Posted 4/26/2011 4:42:52 AM
Forum Administrator

Forum Administrator

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Hi Dash,

Here is what Life Extension recommends regarding mitigation of chemotherapy side effects.

You may also read all our Cancer protocols in our Health Concerns area.

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 Posted 4/26/2011 1:58:27 PM


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 LE has put together a comprehensive guide. 
I would only add that I would look into some iodine supplementation.  Also I would be steering clear of anything processed. No refined processed sugars, no HFCS, No soy, No canola, in fact no GM foods. 
 Eat Organic vegetables and in fact Organic everything!, some fruit, (maybe stick to low fructose fruits for the best part) I would be drinking revers osmosis water, making high potassium broths, Eating Grass fed cows, butter and meat, organic omega 3 eggs, etc etc I would also introduce some juicing and herbal teas. Also I would be taking full spectrum enzymes with Betaine with all protein meals and I would take protease enzymes (I like Serrapeptase) on an empty stomach. 
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 Posted 6/2/2011 4:50:10 PM


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Hi Dash, Diet is of major importance. I recommend the cookbook "Cancer-fighting Kitchen" by Rebeca Katz with Mat Edelson.  The author has done mountains of research in using cancer-fighting foods.
The other thing to do is drink half your weight in water. A brita water filter works fine to get you clean water.
Sea weed and sea vegetables add iodine to you diet. Trader Joes has pkgs of toasted sea weed. The are very good. One of the ways to determine is you need iodine is to purchase red iodine from the pharmacy. Paint a 1 inch by one inch square of iodine on the inside of your fore arm. 1. If patch begins to slightly lighten after 24 hours---normal. 2. If patch disappears, or almost disappears in under 24 hours you need iodine.
If you can afford it find a naturopathic  doctor or an herbalist. They know complementary medicine and can assist you in choosing supplements.
Use Biotene toothpaste and mouthwash as they add moisture causing enzymes to the mouth.
Accupunture is extremely helpful as a treatment and recovering from the treatment.
I had a friend who was willing to cook from the above mentioned cook book for me. Even is someone cooks a few meals a week for you it would be a huge help.
I also juice vegetables. It is an easy way to get great nutrients. They need to be organic though.Find recipes on line or get a juicing cookbook. Even the Bullet pulveriser is great to juice with. It doesn't strain the juice though.
I live in Oregon in a baby boomer hippy town. There are so many organic farmers that it is easy to get meat, dairy, veggies and fruit and even a house that is organic.
Meditate. If you doon't then find out how or listen to spiritual or new age music.
I hope all of this helps and remember your body went through an enormous shock. It will heal. It is healing. Give yourself some grace. Blessings Brother, Sweet Coriander
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 Posted 9/28/2011 5:18:59 PM


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I too am a brand new member, guided here by Suzanne Somer's book, Knockout.

I need to know what I should be taking for Bladder Cancer, as Suzanne fails to mention that in her book.

I have 6 doses of Chemo and 4 weeks of radiation.What is the best suplements for me now, please?

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