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Alcohol's Effect on Testosterone

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 Posted 6/26/2014 4:10:50 PM


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I have been using the Anti Alcohol LEF supplement for 2 months since starting to drink after 2/19 surgery.   On average I have about 2 glasses of wine twice per week and there were two parties where I had maybe 4-5 drinks over 5-6 hours.   Each drink was preceded by consuming a A.A capsule.   I definitely saw the benefits of the A.A. supplement for next morning chirp.   However, given I am taking DHEA 50mg and Super MiraForte x4 per day I was shocked to see my Free T reduced by 8 points to 9.8 since last test in December 2013.  My Total T is 505.   Estradiol is 15.3.   I am also surprised my Estradiol did not go up higher.   I can only assume that for me and my genetics alcohol regularly is very bad for the health of the hormone system.  I am abstaining from all alcohol until I can test my theory with a couple more tests.   Does major surgery tend to lower T in men?

It would be great if LEF could implement a secure database to track test results with graph trending.
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 Posted 6/26/2014 5:43:22 PM
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There is a lot of information out there about alcohol lowering testosterone but this study documented a rise in testosterone in association with increasing alcohol consumption among younger men. This doesn't prove causation--men with higher T might just like to go out drinking more--but the autors suggest it might have to do with changed metabolism of testosterone in the liver.

This abstract states that the decline in testosterone that occurs with age is steeper during critical illnesses.

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 Posted 6/29/2014 9:06:20 AM


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I was pleasantly surprised when my libido increased after I started supplementing vitamin D in the Winter and sunbathing in during the Summer...  Turns out upping vitamin D has been associated with increasing testosterone.  

Look Here:

"Mean circulating 25(OH)D concentrations increased significantly by 53.5 nmol/l in the vitamin D group, but remained almost constant in the placebo group"

Cholesterol is also an important ingredient in generating T.  Don't know if your doctor slipped a statin into your mix of meds, but statins can put a damper on T.  
Vitamin E also has improved my sex life...  It seems to increase semen production/volume for me.  

I've cycled off alcohol and noticed a short term boost in T that seems to fall off after a month or so.  I also believe I get a spike in T, again short term when I go back to my evening cocktails.  


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