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The Health & Anti Aging benefits of Creatine

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 Posted 8/29/2014 11:55:48 AM
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Kevnzworld (8/11/2014)
I've also read that creatine supplementation increases DHT, something that for men can be more dangerous than just causing thinning hair.    My PSA, just came back . 6 higher after a month of 3.2 g of creatine supplementation .   I'm not saying that this necessarily was as a result of creatine.   I'm getting my DHT level checked. If it's high, I will start finasteride...
For every benefit there is a risk.....

I briefly discussed the creatine/DHT connection above. I have no faith in the results of that study, and no studies before or after found the effect, and the study suffers methodological flaws.


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