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LE Potassium Iodide Emergency Use Tablets

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 Posted 5/26/2014 2:10:32 PM


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I discovered that Life Extension Potassium Iodide tablets do not readily dissolve in water. These are the tablets that are for nuclear emergency use only, so no worries until if such time. . .

 . . .but may I suggest that if you do find yourself in such an emergency, that you CHEW not swallow.

So here's my finding: I went camping for 3 days. Beforehand, I dropped a couple of these potassium iodide tablets into a 4-gallon water container (after removing them from the foil packet). Water that would be used solely for washing dishes and other non-potable uses (my thought here was to add a disinfectant factor). At the end of 3 days of this container sitting in the sun and after driving some 140 miles including much over rough dirt roads that caused the water to slosh repeatedly, I found those two tablets still sitting there, quite undissolved at the bottom of the water container. The package these came from say "00577A Rev. 8/09 Lot# NF017775. . . Best used by 4/14".  Granted, the human stomach is a different story than a jug of water, I'm still inclined to believe, given this experience, that they will pass right through you unless you chew before swallowing, which is what I was thinking of doing any ways prior to this in an emergency just because, well, emergency should say it all, but thought to pass along my findings.


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 Posted 5/27/2014 4:11:31 AM
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Yes, the hydrochloric acid in the stomach breaks down tablets and there is even the story of the person who swallowed a razor blade that subsequently disssolved in HCl. However, your observations are being forwarded to Product Development so that they may be aware of them.

D Dye

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