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 Posted 3/24/2014 8:59:49 AM


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In the LEF "Disease prevention and Treatment" I am missing any hint about latent Thiamine deficiency causing Depression. I was diagnosed with B1-deficiency 22 years ago; at that time I had never healing skin lesions and difficulties to focus/concentrate; I was eating a "healthy" diet with huge amounts of whole grain stuff, but did not tolerate it ("irritable bowel") . I neither got pregnant and had no physiological basal temperature as a woman that age (32) should have. After starting to supplement with Benfotiamine, the skin lesions were gone within one week, I felt clearheaded, my basal temperature normalized instantly and I was pregnant within  3 months. I eat Thiamine for a few years and then stopped, thinking I would not need it any more (after change in diet - no more whole grain, only white flour products and little of them -  problems from my irritable bowel  - which in the meantime was diagnosed as microscopic colitis - were mostly gone, too). After a few more years, I wanted to change my job, but somehow did not manage to take a decision, felt like I would not cope with a change anyhow. Finally I remembered my former Thiamin deficiency (though I had no Skin lesions this time) and searched the Internet for symptoms of it. There I found that it was supposed to be a "mood-Vitamin" ("Stimmungsvitamin") - and that in ayurvedian medicine it was suggested for infertility!!

Well, I started eating it again and have felt stable in my mood and intentions since. I have been suggesting to several elderly ladies (at least 4 of them) who impressed with Depression and failed to feel decisively better on Vitamin D Supplementation alone (40 000 IU/week) to try Benfotiamin - they all feel much better with it! One of them is my now 88 years old mother, who had got rid of her joint pains and sleeping difficulties on Vitamin D, but used to be niggling and pessimistic anyhow for many years. My sisters got fed up with it 2 years ago and asked me to give her some antidepressants (as I am an MD); I decided to try Benfotiamin first. Our mother has been in good humor since!! And 2 of my sisters have adopted to eat Benfotiamine, too, and are reporting improved mood with it! None of these ladies are diabetic.

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 Posted 3/24/2014 9:05:41 AM
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Thank you for your feedback, Elisif.

Depression can be caused by many things, and it is not possible to include everything in a condensed reference book such as Disease Prevention and Treatment, however, your suggestion has been forwarded to its editor for consideration in a future printing.

D Dye

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