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Living longer - 100+

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 Posted 3/24/2014 2:38:32 PM


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@oscar2u, it's too bad more updated studies aren't being done on BHT. Recent research has implicated HSV-1 in the onset of Alzheimer's disease and given that BHT is a potent antiviral that removes even latent cells of the virus it could b a potently useful treatment.

Unfortunately at this time researchers are only interested in approved antivirals like Acyclovir for testing. But those only target one or two specific strains of the virus while BHT is known to attack after every single lipid coated virus in the body. There's just no money to be made in it and that's everything.
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 Posted 3/26/2014 6:34:58 AM


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So this is why I set up this thread was to exchange ideas so we could stay on top of the newest or the best ways for living longer

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