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Person co-infected with HIV and HCV doing very well with...

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 Posted 12/27/2013 6:14:37 PM
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He is doing nothing short of amazingly well with the drug COMPLERA for his HIV infection along with BHT for his HCV type 1a infection. HCV type 1a is the hardest to treat of all HCV variants as discussed here:

Short extract from above link:


What factors influence the likelihood of treatment success in HCV and HIV co-infected patients? How do these factors differ from HCV or HIV mono-infected patients?

In general all factors that are associated with treatment success or cure in mono-infected patients also apply to HIV infections.
  • The virus type – genotype 1 or other HCV genotypes
  • The subtype of the virus – subtype 1A being more difficult to treat than subtype 1B
  • Baseline factors such as the viral load, gender, the duration of treatment, the stage of liver disease
  • The host’s genetics – there are polymorphisms in the whole genome that are positively or negatively correlated with treatment response.

So what you say. Millions of peoples lives are at stake. Conventional medicine has NOT come up with an effective treatment that works well for HIV infected people for the reasons discussed at that link I provided. Hepatitis C is one of the leading causes of death for people with HIV.

   I for sure understand that one success story is only that. But this is for a HCV type 1a person. The BHT worked for him as he describes here:

With one 250mg of BHT taken twice a day = 500mg of BHT per day, this person cut his viral load from 3.5 million to 1.75 million in ONE WEEK. If you are such a person you do not have to wait to give this treatment a try. Wait for what ? The FDA to approve BHT as a treatment for hepatitis C ? That is not likely to ever happen. If you are such a person the BHT surely does not cost much. You can always give it a try. If it does not work stop taking it. Do NOT take milk thistle or drink grapefruit juice while using the BHT treatment. Either one will make the BHT treatment NOT work. For more info go here:   



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