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Man with HIV and HCV cuts HCV viral load in half in 1 WEEK with BHT......

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 Posted 10/28/2013 2:57:28 AM
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Not only that but he has hepatitis C genotype 1a. The HCV type 1a and 1b have been by far the hardest to treat with the conventional treatments and are sadly the most common HCV genotypes occurring in the USA. About 80% of Americans infected with HCV are infected with these type 1a or 1b genotypes. The good news is BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] works at least as well for the genotype 1a and 1b infectees as it does for the other HCV genotypes.
   BHT is NOT an approved treatment for hepatitis C or any other disease. It is approved as a food preservative only by the FDA.
   I find this report astounding everything considered. This person has HIV which severely compromises the immune system, he is infected with HCV type 1a. He cut his HCV viral load in half in one WEEK with BHT. Here is this man`s report in his own words with an instructive update by him along with some other success stories.

Latest reports here:

Earlier reports here:

Be sure and click the " more " at the bottom of the page that appears to read all the reports.

Now BHT has NOT worked for everyone. Often this is because those people were using supplements we have found out screw up the treatment. Supplements including MILK THISTLE, MMS, colloidal silver, hydrogen peroxide used internally, grapefruit juice and others will make the BHT treatment NOT work. If you take any of those supplements the BHT treatment will NOT work. The same with vitamin E supplements. Yes you need some vitamin E. Just do not take vitamin E supplements because they enhance HCV and other lipid coated viruses ability to replicate. Either take the BHT treatment as recommended or don`t waste your money. If you are interested in joining this Yahoo group go here to do so:    


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